Ignis Will Cook Up New Recipes in Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia on February 12th

dissidia final fantasy opera omnia ignis_EX

Final Fantasy XV’s Ignis Scientia is about to join Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia on February 12, 2020. This means two out of Noctis’ three traveling companions will be available in the game. He is a dagger wielder who uses melee attacks and can act as both a healer and a BRV battery for the party.

Ignis’ background in cooking is at play in his skillset. He has the Quick Recipeh command ability, which will apply Ambrosia to himself and let him start cooking one of two meals immediately after it is used, by enabling the command abilities “Memory Lane Pastry” and “Papa Bird & Baby Bowl.” The Ambrosia buff also increases his INT BRV and Attack.

Using Memory Lane Pastry raises the party’s BRV based on his INT BRV and gives him the Memory Lane Pastry buff that grants BRV to the party when he uses BRV Attack+ or HP Attack+. Memory Lane Pastry also gives the party a temporary HP regen effect and 100% debuff evasion. (This status can’t be in effect at the same time as Papa Bird & Baby Bowl.)

Papa Bird & Baby Bowl, on the other hand, temporarily gives the party a 40% ATK buff and 20% BRV overflow effect. When this buff is active, his BRV Attack+ and HP Attack+ attacks gain BRV hits and restore BRV to the party based on his MAX BRV.

Ignis’ other available command is called Regroup. When this is used, it restores the whole party’s health and BRV and applies First Aid for up to ten turns, which increases both the party’s MAX BRV and ATK. However, it can only be used up to four times.

When Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia’s Ignis launch date arrives, people will also be able to pull on a new banner for his Plunderers weapon. This allows him to use the EX Ability Overwhelm. On top of an HP attack, Overwhelm deals an additional HP attack per non-KO’d ally. After it is used, the other two characters in the party are able to attack, for possible Breaks or knockbacks. Making sure everyone’s BRV is at its highest, perhaps by using Ignis’ other skills like Regroup and Quick Recipeh’s Memory Lane Pasty, is a good way to maximize damage before using Overwhelm.

It is also possible to realize Ignis’ Plunderers EX Weapon. Doing so will provide BRV and HP Attack++ options. A second limit breaking means that at the start of every quest, both Ambrosia and First Aid will already be applied.

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. Ignis will join the roster on February 12, 2020. Other upcoming and recent additions include Final Fantasy XV’s Aranea and Final Fantasy X’s Kimahri.

Jenni Lada
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