PlayStation 4

Ikaruga Revealed For PlayStation 4 And Will Release Soon



Treasure’s shoot ‘em up Ikaruga released on the Nintendo Switch last week but it isn’t stopping there, as the company tweeted out that the game is headed to PS4 soon.


Developer Treasure says that Ikaruga is now running on PS4 and asks fans to wait just a little longer. The game’s PS4 version will be officially announced by next week and we can expect it to release sometime soon.


Ikaruga originally released in Japan back in December 2001 for arcades. It then released on Dreamcast in September 2002, then onto GameCube in January 2003 in Japan and April/May 2003 in North America and Europe. It also saw worldwide releases on Xbox 360 in April 2008, PC in February 2014, and more recently on the Switch in May 2018.

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