Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna Details Its Chrono Trigger-Based Battle System And More

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Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna is an upcoming RPG project by Square Enix that aims to bring back the feelings and memories of RPGs from the ‘90s. The game’s official website details its battle system and a couple of characters.


The battle system is based on the ATB 2.0 system that was in Chrono Trigger. Once a character’s ATB gauge fills, they can take action. When several characters have full gauges, you can choose their orders.



Depending on the positioning of the character and enemy, you can do area of effect damage or sometimes hit monsters that are in the line of a projectile.



The “Setsuna System” is a feature that adds to the skill’s effects by timing the button properly. The Setsuna gauge fills up as you perform actions, take damage, or get MAX on your ATB gauge and let it sit there for a while.



Once the Setsuna gauge fills up, you’ll be able to get extra effects from timing buttons accordingly with skills. For example, regular attacks and some other attacks can get extra damage this way.



There are different types of Setuna System effects depending on the skills. For example, some will let you perform the same skill again, while others will give you an extra healing effect or critical hit.




ikenie-chara_151119-2 Before Setsuna became a “sacrifice” Kuon was a mysterious traveler who visited the town. She is now a soldier that is part of the escort party, well-trusted by the townsfolk, and Setsuna loves her like an older sister.


She has more feelings for this journey than anyone else, with a strong sense of duty that tells her she mustn’t fail. She often gives the protagonist a rough time, since he’s quiet and she can’t tell what he’s thinking.




ikenie-chara_151119-1 Yomi is a veteran swordsman, who was once an escort of a successful “sacrifice.” He often behaves more cheerful than necessary, and everyone at the “Garrison” sees him as a bit of a half-wit.


While with the escort party, he likes to take care of others and give them advice using his experience from the past. Similar to the way he did with Tsukushi, he prioritizes Setsuna’s safety above all.



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Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna is made to bring back the gameplay feeling of RPGs from the past. As the party travels to the ends of the world, they’ll stop by various towns, gear up, and fight a variety of monsters as they travel. Similar to RPGs of yesteryear, the game aims to bring you a feeling of enjoyment as your characters grow and level up.


Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna will release in Japan on February 18, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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