Imageepoch CEO’s Disappearance Continues With Twitter Account Deletion



Last month, we reported the disappearance of Ryoei Mikage, the CEO of Stella Glow developer Imageepoch. While we’ve yet to hear anything from the CEO or his company, it doesn’t sound like we’ll be hearing much from the man via social media platforms anytime soon.



Case in point: it’s been reported by Japanese blog Hachima that Mikage’s Twitter account appears to have been deleted, which raises further questions about his whereabouts.


While it is possible that Ryoei Mikage could have personally deleted it himself, there’s no way to verify this. It’s entirely possible someone connected with Imageepoch or even his family requested to have it taken down.


At the same time, there have also been reports regarding the possibility of Imageepoch shutting down for good as a company, which we covered in our earlier report. This seems to lend further credence to that notion.

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