Nintendo Switch

Imagineer Is working On A New Switch Game And Two New Titles For Portable Consoles



Japanese developer Imagineer announced that they’ve begun development on their first Nintendo Switch title along with two new titles on portable consoles.


The press release from Imagineer introduces the company as one that aims to create “hit contents” in the games industry. The company that merged with their subsidiary Rocket Company in July 2016 aims to put together their resources and knowhow to continue providing new titles for popular franchise.


Imagineer has worked on the Medabots series that has been loved by fans for two decades, and they’re currently working on two titles for portable consoles. Keep in mind that Medabots games usually come in two versions, so this could be about the series’ latest entry on 3DS.


Additionally, Imagineer says they can feel many play style possibilities behind the Nintendo Switch’s concept of “play whenever, wherever, and with whoever,” and have decided to enter development for the console and hope to release the first title by the next fiscal year.

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