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Importers Rejoice, Amazon Japan Is Now Offering International Shipping For Games


Those of you who regularly import games from Japan will now get to save some bucks, as Amazon Japan has began international shipment for video games. [Thanks NeoGAF.]

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The international shipment works for items sold directly via Amazon, so that means no third-party sellers, including the ones that are “fulfilled by Amazon.” This means you’ll be able to make purchases directly from Amazon Japan, without having to pay the extra cost you would from the middleman.


The above is a look at how you can get the international shipping options, and it’ll also show the USD currency and exchange rates for your purchase. You’re able to use regular credit or debit cards to make your purchase.


Keep in mind that you can always change the Amazon Japan language settings to English to make things a little easier to navigate around.


I checked out Dragon Quest Builders on PS4, which is currently listed at 6,381 yen. At the checkout, it shows the item going for $54.43 USD at its current exchange rate, with shipping & handling adding $7.65 for a total of $62.08, which is about as much as we’d pay for a new game in the United States.Keep in mind that this total price also includes the International Shipping, so it’s actually quite cheap when given the other options for importers.


Another thing worth noting is that you’ll need to make an Amazon Japan account to order from it, since you can’t use your regular account.

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