This Impressive Strategy Game Started Out As A Hobby Project



    Electrolyte’s beautiful isometric god sim Reprisal will ascend to its higher form as Reprisal Universe on September 15th for Windows and Mac.


    Reprisal was originally released back in 2012 as a free game for PC. It was a hobby project, and an impressive one, but Electrolyte has since been working on the game further towards a commercial release, expanding upon the initial idea.


    It was intended as an homage to Populous, and plays in very much the same way, although it easily stands on its own two feet now. In essence, you use special totem powers to control the elements, altering the land to expand your tribes and exploring the universe to find Amulets that fuel your power.


    There are three other tribes to find across the game’s 34 planets and 184 islands and, predictably, they don’t particularly like your folk being around (they all have different aggression levels). So, yes, you can expect to get in some scraps during your duty as god.


    Still, even with the violence, Reprisal remains an elegant and mostly soothing experience. Soft blur around the edges, pastel color palettes, and gentle music make it very easy to settle in while playing it.


    The upcoming Reprisal Universe release will have an enhanced set of chip tunes and full-screen display features, unlockable challenge islands, offline local storage, and a 38-page digital book called “The Making of Reprisal”. You can play it in your browser or download the standalone versions for Windows and Mac.


    You can still play the original version of Reprisal here. It’s also available for $6.99 on Desura, which will be automatically updated to Reprisal Universe soon. Alternatively, you can buy Reprisal Universe on Steam on September 15th.

    Chris Priestman

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