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Improve Your Ibuki Game In Street Fighter V With Infiltration’s Guide



Evo 2016 champion Lee Seon-woo, a.k.a. Infiltration, is mostly known for his superb Nash main but knows more than a thing or two about other characters. Here’s his advanced guide on playing Ibuki.


In the video guide, Infiltration talks Ibuki basics for starters before diving into the nitty-gritty with various combos and techniques that utilize all of her tools. We don’t often get to see guides from Infiltration other than the bits he shares on his Twitch streams, so we hope to see more from the man in the near future.


If you’re new to Street Fighter V, or just starting out fighting games in general, below is another great guide from Infiltration for beginners:



Street Fighter V is available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Check out more on fighting games and FGC general over at Core-A Gaming’s YouTube channel.

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