In Trash TV, You’re An Outdated TV In A Recycling Center



    Solo game creator Lawrie Russel has released his 2D puzzle platformer Trash TV on Steam for Windows. It’ll cost you $6.99 at its full price.


    In Trash TV, you play as an outdated tube television that has been thrown away into a recycling center. Not happy with this fate, you vow to find your remote control and carve out a better one.



    This involves having to solve puzzles with a range of guns. Yes, you have to use your brains before you shoot in this one. At least there are plenty of explosions to look at and tense moments that could see you flattened by emotionless machinery. You’ll be using uzis to shoot at switches through gaps, dropping C4 to trigger floor panels, and rocket jumping to leap across huge chasms with a rocket launcher.


    While the TV character may seem a bit of a quirky aspect, it is at least carried through into the game’s aesthetic, with bars n’ tone screens, and static noise transitions. It should bring back memories of being sat in front of an old television set when you were a kid (if you have memories like that).

    Chris Priestman

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