In Verbis Vertus Lets You Shout Spells At Monsters With Your Actual Voice



In Verbis Vertus seems like a good cure for all the frustration that video games can bring. Why? It involves shouting at monsters to defeat them. You actually shout at the screen, through your microphone (of course), and can see it resonate inside the game world.


The idea here is that you’re a sorcerer chanting spells to cast them at your foe. You make your way through a forgotten temple in search of an ancient power this way, using the shouted spells both for combat and solving puzzles.


And you will need to have a microphone to play In Verbis Vertus as that’s the entire point of the game—these voice commands. You won’t get far into the game without one.



Developer Indomitus Games sees the use of voice commands as another way to immerse you into this world of both beauty and terror that it has created. Other, more usual techniques it has used to do this are the graphics of the Unreal Engine and quality sound design.


After months in Early Access, In Verbis Vertis is now available as a full release on Steam at its full price of $19.99 for Windows.

Chris Priestman