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Inazuma Eleven Ares Goes Over The Basic Rules Of Soccer Battles


ina11 ares 1

Inazuma Eleven Ares’ official site was recently updated with more information on the gameplay, including how players will need to alternate between strengthening the team with new recruits and training, and testing their mettle in a soccer battle.


The game will feature various characters from the anime in high-quality graphics, including characters from the teams below:

ina11 gameplay 1

ina11 gameplay 2

ina11 gameplay 3

ina11 gameplay 4


Building a team:

ina11 ares 2


Inamori Asuto and the others have become part of the main Inakuni Raimon team at Raimon Junior High. The old Raimon team members are scattered across Japan as part of a “reinforcement committee” that acts as extra players in various teams. Now’s the time to create your own elite squad of soccer players!


ina11 gameplay 5

ina11 gameplay 6


One of the methods to scout out new players is by having the manager of the team, Anna Mikado, introduce you to them. Other members may join if you fulfill certain conditions, like beating them in a match.


ina11 gameplay 7

ina11 gameplay 8

ina11 gameplay 9


The game will feature the stadiums of various schools, such as the Inakuni School Grounds, the Eisei Gakuen Stadium, and the Zeus Junior High Stadium.


Soccer Battles:

soccer battle 1 soccer battle 2

soccer battle 3 soccer battle 4


Soccer Battles employ the use of various Special Moves in order to strike the decisive blow in a battle of power against the opposing team.



pass 1

pass 2


When you have the ball, all the players you can pass to are shown with a green line, and you should pass to different people depending on the situation. The actual passing course is shown with a yellow line instead.


Choose the right timing and distance to pass, and the camera will then shift to the next player who has the ball.


pass 3

pass 4


Whenever a player with the ball (it doesn’t matter which side) goes up against an opposing player, a Command Battle will begin. You need to choose what to do on a one-on-one situation, by either swerving left, right, or using a Special Move.


pass 5

pass 6 pass 7


Whether you win or lose the matchup depends on your choice, so choose carefully.


press 1

press 2 press 3


When you’re on the defense, you need to press the opponent and hopefully steal back the ball in a Command Battle. Results vary depending on who goes in to take the ball, so think quickly. If you’re Total Power is larger than the opponent’s, then you’ll take back the ball.


shooting 1 shooting 2

shooting 3 shooting 4


When you get near the opponent’s goal, you can try shoot the ball for a Command Battle against the goalkeeper.


Special Moves

There are various Special Moves in the game, which fulfill different purposes, such as for offense, defense, or a goalkeeper Special Move.


Shooting – Spectral Magna

spectral magna 1 spectral magna 2


Offense – Ice Arrow

ice arrow 1 ice arrow 2


Defense – Chain Wall

rensa 1 rensa 2


Keeper – Royal Shield

royal shield 1 royal shield 2


Inazuma Eleven launches in Japan in Fall 2018 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. the game releases in Europe in 2018 and in North America in 2019.

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