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Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy’s New Trailer Shows Several New Characters



Level 5’s upcoming soccer title, Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy has a new trailer and info on its official website, where we get a glimpse of a new Inazuma Japan team.



The trailer starts out with what looks like hundreds of players in front of a sold out arena. These players are all from different teams, gathered to put together a new generation of Inazuma Japan’s team. Tenma Matsukaze from Inazuma Eleven GOand a few other familiar faces are also seen in the mix.



Former Royal Academy and Raimon midfielder Yuuto Kidou appears alongside a new Royal Academy team, which challenges the new representatives. Tenma and others are shown baffled and upset at what seems to be a bunch of complete beginners that are supposed to be representing Inazuma Japan. What exactly could’ve happened to the team that once dominated the Football Frontier International Tournament?


Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy is currently in development for Nintendo 3DS.


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