This Indie Game Is About A Girl Eating Donuts



    Pale Machine and Perfect Stride developer Ben Esposito has revealed a new trailer for his upcoming game Donut County, currently in development with the support of Indie Fund.


    Donut County is set to debut in Austin, Texas at this year’s Fantastic Arcade, the annual showcase of independent games from the organizers of Fantastic Fest.


    donutshop waterwheel


    According to Ben, Donut County follows the story of a teenage girl working at a donut shop, “who takes delivery of a box of donuts from mysterious raccoons, which then begins to open holes all around the county as she eats them”.


    Players will get control a mysterious hole that gets bigger every time something is swallowed.


    To keep updated on the game’s progress or subscribe to the mailing list, you can visit the freshly-minted site for Donut County here.

    Tim Wee

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