Indie JRPG Edge Of Eternity Gets A Pre-Alpha Demo



Midgar Studio has released the pre-alpha demo for its tribute to 3D JRPGs, Edge of Eternity, to coincide with the launch of its Kickstarter. You can download the demo for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


The four-man team is looking to raise $44,000 on Kickstarter in order to fund the development of Edge of Eternity for PC. If this is managed then stretch goals could bring it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ($60,000), add Nekaroo breeding ($75,000), add a craft system ($95,000), and if the last goal of $130,000 is reached then composer Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Xenogears) will add orchestral music to the game.


Edge of Eternity combines a non-linear story, strategic combat (played as either active-time battles or classic turn-based), weapon management, and an open world ripe for exploration – especially when riding on the back of a cute Nekaroo (a mix of kangaroo and cat).



The game follows Daryon and Selen, who were both convicted for using technology, and are being hunted by a policing force known as the Consortium. It all takes place in the land of Heryon, which is a lush fantasy land that has become victim to invaders in spaceships, and that introduced a biological weapon called Metal Sickness that morphs biological material into machines.


You can find out more about Edge of Eternity on its website.

Chris Priestman