Xseed is bringing the music meets real time strategy game Orgarhythm to North America. The PlayStation Vita title is set for release this summer. The game will ship with a set of songs for players to tap to and more will be available as downloadable content.


And Xseed is looking for indie musicians to submits songs for Orgarhythm. They didn’t give us a contact address specifically for this, so maybe you can ping them via Facebook if you’re interested?


Sibling rivalry is at the core of Orgarhythm’s story, which has two brothers at war…


There once were two brothers who served as gods, ruling over all creation and destruction. One day, they both decided to settle down on a particular planet. The older of the two chose to make his home underground so he could be closer to the energies of the planet itself, while the younger of the two chose to make his home on the surface where he could feel the heat of the sun.

Eventually, both gods decided they would create life to keep them company and do their bidding. The older brother created loyal followers from his destructive side, while the younger brother created loyal followers from his creative side. The older brother and his followers then proceeded to devour the planet’s energy from within and destroy everything they could get their hands on, while the younger brother and his followers cultivated the earth, turning the surface world into a land of plenty.

It was only a matter of time, however, before the older brother’s followers found their way out of the underworld, resuming their swath of destruction up above. And while the younger brother had up until now turned a blind eye to his older sibling’s misdeeds, he could no longer sit idly by. For the sake of his people, the young god had no choice but to take up arms and join the fight…


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