Indie RPG Edge Of Eternity Gets A “More Ambitious” Battle System

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Midgar Studio has given another Kickstarter update that reveals some of the recent changes made to its upcoming Japanese-style RPG Edge of Eternity.


First off, the game is getting a “more ambitious” battle system than originally proposed. Midgar hasn’t given all the details of this revamped battle system but did say that there will be non-instanced battlefields (“the combat takes place on the exactly where it started on the map, with possible interactions with the environment”).


It’ll also have added strategic movement, so you can move your character around the battlefield on a hex-based grid – “Their positions will be critical and decides what they can and cannot do, the risk they take, open combo and bonus possibilities.”


Midgar also changed the role of the main character it has shown off in screenshots and videos of the game before. Daryon, as he’s called, no longer uses his fists as he’s a swordsman. As such, Midgar has been working on new weapons, skills, and abilities for Daryon to cater to this change.


In switching to Unity 5 and adding new artists to the team, Midgar has also been able to give Edge of Eternity a graphical overhaul, as you should hopefully be able to see in the new screenshots above.


Finally, Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda will start composing Edge of Eternity’s action themes (for battle, bosses, and fanfare) soon and should be finished up by early 2016. Oh, and there’s a new Edge of Eternity website to check out.

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