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Infiltrate A 70’s Cult In The Church In The Darkness


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The Church in the Darkness is a stealth or action game, depending on how the player wishes to approach it, where they must find their missing nephew after he joins a cult. It is slated for release for PC in 2017, followed by releases for PS4 and Xbox One.

Isaac and Rebecca Walker, have built a socialist utopia in the South American jungle after their religious group felt persecuted by the US government. Vic, an ex-law enforcement officer, is left to wonder what is happening with his nephew, Alex, after he joins the group, heading to the secluded town to find out what is going on.

Set in the 1970’s the top-down game allows players to stealthily collect clues and evidence as they try to find out what the cult is up to. Players can use non-lethal methods or avoid detection, or they can go all out and kill their enemies. Your actions will have in-game consequences, though.

The Church in the Darkness offers some elements of randomization to keep repeat playthroughs interesting, placing different character personalities and narrative elements on each run.

The Walkers will be voiced by Ellen McLain (GLaDOS from Portal) and John Patrick Lowrie (Sniper from Team Fortress 2), with their voices relaying much of the game’s backstory out over the town’s PA system through dogmatic messages and talks about their beliefs.

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