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Infinite Stratos 2: Love And Purge Announced For PlayStation Vita


5pb. previously teased a new project, Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge, for an unknown platform, but the publishers confirmed in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine that the title is in development for PlayStation Vita. [Thanks, Game Jouhou]

According to the magazine report, Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge is an upcoming visual novel title that takes place days after the “World Purge” chapter. The previous seven heroines from the first game are set to reappear, along with Houji Shinonono’s older sister, and Tabane Shinonono, but they won’t be in any relationships with the player.

In the regular visual novel parts of the game, called the “Adventure” parts, you’ll play as the main protagonist of the Infinite Stratos series, in Ichika Orimura, and get to be a part of the school life together with the girls. During conversations, you’ll get to choose out of several options that involve “Brave Heart Points,” which basically symbolize Ichika’s chivalrous manly spirit.

Depending on the points you get, the ending of the game will vary.

Meanwhile, the “Communication Mode” is where you’ll get to give massages to the heroines for, you know, getting closer to them as friends. By pulling off good massages, you’ll get more Brave Heart Points; however, failing the massages will also decrease the points.

These massages consist of different techniques such as finger pressure, tapping, and rubbing. In case you get lost during massages, there’s also an option to ask where she’d like to be massaged.

Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge will release in Japan for PlayStation Vita on July 30, 2015.

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