Nintendo 3DS

Initial D: Perfect Shift Online Lets You Show Your Team Pride


Initial D: Perfect Shift Online has extended its closed beta test registration. Players in Japan now have up to the 14th of January to sign up here to try out this free-to-play racing game for the Nintendo 3DS.


As part of the deal, Sega have also revealed that you’ll be able to customize your car with the series’ various groups’ decal stickers. Three were shown off as presents for beta testers—Akina Speed Stars, Red Suns and Night Kids.


If you sign up for the beta, you’ll also get the Toyota AE86 as a free car to drive around in.



This is an interesting take on racing games, as you’re not actually able to control the vehicle much at all in Perfect Shift Online. Instead, the game will task you with shifting gears up and down at opportune times in order to speed past opponents. This makes it easy for newcomers to pick up and play, as compared to the dauntingly difficult arcade versions I still see some fans racing in at arcades, but might be a sticking point for purists. The other addition is a card mechanic whose system still hasn’t been fully explained yet. We’ll let you k now more when we get the chance.



Initial D: Perfect Shift Online is planned for a spring 2014 release on the Nintendo 3DS eShop as a free download.