Initial D: Perfect Shift Online’s Mako Sato Possesses Both Beauty And Skill

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The lady’s pretty, and she’s pretty fast, too. Mako Sato (left) is one of the racers you’ll be able to obtain as a character card in the free-to-play racer Initial D: Perfect Shift Online on the Nintendo 3DS. She ends up with feelings for Iketani and does a mean race.






Sato drives a Nissan Sileighty alongside Sayuki, who’s her co-navigator during races. Together, they’re pretty much queens of the Usui route in the Initial D world.




Alongside her is Takeshi Nakazoto, the leader of the Myogi Nightkids street racers. Nicknamed the Black Lightning, he starts off fast and goes all out. Unfortunately, that means his car’s durability degrades faster over the course of a race, with tyres regularly giving out. He drives a Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec BNR32. Be able to outlast him and victory should be yours.


Initial D: Perfect Shift Online is slated for a winter release on the Nintendo 3DS.

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