Insanity’s Blade Will Take You To Hell, Retro-Style



Casual Bit Games is now ready to release its retro-style action arcade game Insanity’s Blade and will do so on September 1st. The studio has also released a new demo of the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


A combination of Castlevania and Splatterhouse, Insanity’s Blade has you playing as Thursten who takes a trip down to hell in order to save the souls of his wife and child. The journey involves ripping bodies, scaling buildings, and earning experience to upgrade your might across 16 tough stages that should take you about 3 hours to complete, providing you don’t die too often and run out of lives.


“Many enemies will need timed attacks, you can’t just rush forward in certain situations,” developer Christopher Obritsch said. “Tree men for example can not be thrown, they are too heavy. And their punch packs a death sentence. Some bosses have moves that can take away all your hit points in one shot.”



While Insanity’s Blade is designed like retro arcade games, it does have modern features such as an automatic save after you complete every level, so you don’t have to play it through all in one go. It also allows for two player co-op play with your friend taking on the role of Finn, who is otherwise an AI partner that fights alongside you in some missions.


Insanity’s Blade had a successful Kickstarter in December 2013 raising $7,075 in total. It missed the Wii U stretch goal and so will only be coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux for now. Soon after the game is released, Casual Bit Games will update it with the promised arena modes and zombie surfing bonus games.


If you want to check out Insanity’s Blade for yourself then you can download the demos here. More information is available on its website. You can also vote for it to come to Steam on Greenlight.

Chris Priestman