Insight Editions Has Released A New Street Fighter-Inspired Cookbook

Street Fighter Cookbook

Have you ever looked at Dhalsim and wondered what kind of delicious dishes he would cook up with his fire-breathing ability? Well, wonder no longer with Insight Editions’ Street Fighter-inspired cookbook, which is currently available on Amazon. There are over 80 recipes in Street Fighter: The Official Street Food Cookbook, which are based off of the hometowns of Street Fighter characters.

Fitting the Street Fighter theme, the cookbook focuses on global street food. Sakura narrates the reader’s culinary adventure around the world, which ranges from platanos maduros to chanko nabe. The recipes includes blurbs where Sakura reminisces on the dish’s representative fighter and how each recipe is important to them. For example, in the Shoryuken Matcha Affogato recipe, Sakura recounts on how Ken taught Gouken affogato (his favorite dessert), only for Gouken to improve it with matcha.

Insight Editions has released multiple cookbooks in the past, both ordinary and pop culture-inspired. For example, there are cookbooks that teach you recipes from Friends, World of Warcraft, and The Elder Scrolls.

Street Fighter V is currently available on the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. The game is currently releasing characters such as Rose and Oro as part of the Season Pass 5 DLC. Rose is already available, whereas Oro and Akira will appear in Summer 2021.

Street Fighter: The Official Street Food Cookbook is available on Amazon for $28.91.

Stephanie Liu
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