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Inti Creates President Takuya Aizu Answers Questions On Digital Development, And How They Approach Making Sequels


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Takuya Aizu, president of Inti Creates, recently went to Taiwan to announce a Chinese version for the upcoming Gal Gun 2, as well as talk about Inti Creates’ status as an indie company and how the company approaches making sequels. [Thanks, Bahamut]


Here are the highlights from the interview:

  • Thanks to the proliferation of online purchases and digital titles, Inti Creates were able to push out software at a lower cost to the company as original digital titles, such as Azure Striker Gunvolt and Gal Gun (published by Alchemist).


  • According to Aizu, the company is close to an indie company in nature, encouraging staff to think of their own game ideas. There are around 100 staff members currently.


  • The reason Inti Creates was formed was not out of spite to Capcom, but rather that the staff who enjoyed working with each other wanted to continue doing so, without being shuffled away to other projects.


  • Gal Gun 2 will have an official Chinese version released in Taiwan, released around April 2018, when it is Golden Week in Japan. The Chinese release was spurred on by a large ratio of players who bought Gal Gun VR on Steam from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.


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  • While Inti Creates wants to put out Chinese versions to appeal to a wider Asia audience, they will stick to releasing Chinese versions after the game releases. One of the reasons is a lack of a Taiwan eShop on Nintendo Switch, which is why they need to consider physical copies instead.


  • Inti Creates doesn’t really look at any particular market outside of Japan when considering making games, and so they are incredibly grateful that they have such a receptive overseas fanbase. They want to bring every game in different languages, even if games like Gal Gun 2 are refused a rating in certain countries.


  • Aizu says that Inti Creates is a very whimsical company. Quite a few staff members don’t like making sequels, instead going for new game ideas. When the developers see that the players really like a game, they will develop DLC to expand content; if audience reception is loud enough, maybe a sequel will be developed.


Gal Gun 2 will release in Japan on March 15, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and it will come to the West (outside of Germany) in Spring 2018. It now also has an April 2018 release window in Taiwan.

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