Introducing Bravely Default Maker’s Next RPG, Monster Takt


We’ve been seeing a few new monster-collecting RPGs lately, with Level-5’s ghostly Pokémon-like Youkai Watch for the Nintendo 3DS, and GungHo Online’s Puzzles & Dragons Z, with its evolving dragons. The latest of the collecting and evolution trend is an upcoming mobile game called Monster Takt, by Bravely Default: Flying Fairy makers Silicon Studio.



The world in Monster Takt is now desolate because of the revival of the Demon Lord. The monsters who co-existed with mankind have sprouted evil hearts and begun to attack humans. The youths who’ve acquired the ability to calm the corrupt hearts of these monsters and control them with their mysterious Takt, start their adventures to defeat the Demon Lord with the help of their new comrades.



In Monster Takt, you play as a hero who has acquired the Magical Takt, which is used to control monsters in strategic RPG-style battles. There are over 300 monsters in high quality 3D models with different attributes of Fire, Water, Wood, Light and Dark.


The goal of the game is to create the strongest team by gathering powerful monsters who will be helping you out in the battlefield. The key to success is knowing your monsters and their attributes to put them in the most advantageous strategic positions against your enemies.


By collecting rubies, you can use them to evolve your monsters into much more powerful forms, although they will revert back to Lv. 01.


In addition, you can also power up your monsters by using other monsters as ingredients, along with a certain amount of rubies.


Silicon Studio is currently offering a free rare monster, Lapin, for players who register prior to the game’s release. The above image is a Wood-attribute Lapin. There are also Fire, Water, Light and Dark variants.


Monster Takt is slated for release this summer for Android devices. It will be a free-to-play, while featuring premium cash shop items. The game is also slated for release for iOS devices in the future.


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