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Introducing Exist Archive’s Sharpshooting Hero Mitsuhide Yasakata



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Spike Chunsoft and tri-Ace shared their latest on Exist Archive, their upcoming “side-view” RPG with the latest character introduction trailer, where we get to learn a bit more about the game’s sharpshooting hero Mitsuhide Yasakata.


The video starts out with Namero Todoroki telling Mitsuhide to hold out his gun, and as we’ve seen with the other characters, Mitsuhide then begins hearing “voices” of an event that happened in his past.


He hears a conversation with his grandfather, who asks him if he has become better with the gun. Mitsuhide says that he has, and has came in second place at a tournament, but that he’s still no match for gramps.


Namero tells him that he’s quite the talent, which confuses Mitsuhide, as he was able to make the judgment just by watching him hold the gun. He explains that he used to mess with airguns but not so much the real thing. Namero simply responds with “because I said so, it can’t be wrong.”


Mitsuhide downplays his talent a bit by saying that Kuji Kanata was able to surpass him with ease, but Namero ends up talking about how he knows about Kanata’s “poker face” of knowing nothing, but he has no objections of Kanata being the leader; however, he insists that Mitsuhide is on Namero’s “side.”


You can also check out other characters and their introduction trailers below:


Exist Archive will release in Japan on December 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Here’s a look at a recent TV spot for the game:


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