Introducing Fate/Extra CCC’s Delusional Nun And Her Servant Andersen


    Marvelous AQL announced 110,000 Fate/Extra CCC units shipped in late March. The game features a new story and Gilgamesh as one of the Servants. Here’s a look at two more characters that have recently been introduced, along with some familiar faces from Fate/Extra.



    Meet master Kiara Sesshouin and her Servant, Andersen. The mysterious nun, Kiara, is beautiful, graceful and thoughtful, but seems to get lost in her strange delusions at times.


    Andersen, on the other hand, looks like your average charming young boy. However, he is much more mature than he looks and has a habit of using his sharp tongue to make absurd remarks. They help the main character, but also cause some problems, especially with Kiara’s delusions.


    Archer, Alice & Alice, Lancer



    Archer, who appeared in Fate/Extra as an enemy in the Holy Grail War, along with Alice & Alice who’ve been summoned by BB, will also be making an appearance. A connection between these characters seems to be developing after the events of the Holy Grail War… It is also said that you’ll be fighting the Lancer, who has also appeared in the previous installment.



    Here’s a look at a video showing off the Archer and the others:



    Fate/Extra CCC is currently available for PSP in Japan.

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