Introducing The Pokemon Rescue Team, Specialists In Saving Pokemon From Old Games


pokemon rescue


Many children grew up with Pokemon games such as Pokemon LeafGreen or Pokemon Diamond, but cartridges and game cards are easily misplaced or seemingly abandoned – with the Pokemon of childhood memories stuck in past generations.

Enter the Pokemon Rescue Team, specialists who help find the old cartridges and save the Pokemon, moving them to the latest games. (The video is subtitled in English under Closed Captions.)



Sadly, the video ends with a disclaimer saying that the team doesn’t actually exist. However, the team does have a dedicated homepage, detailing how players can send their Pokemon through time and space to join them on their latest journeys.


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The Pokemon Company actually invited Famitsu and 4gamer to experience the Pokemon Rescue Team’s handiwork firsthand at a demo session at Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town.


At the booth were several Nintendo DS Lite units and Pokemon games from older generations, and the Rescue Team member taught the reporters the step-by-step process of bringing old Pokemon to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


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Keep on fighting the good fight, Pokemon Rescue Team! Are there any Pokemon from older games that you still use today?

Alistair Wong
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