Introducing… Pokomon, Success Corp’s Own Monster Raising Game

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Pokomon are cute creatures in Pokopoko Monsters—or Pokomon for short—for the iPhone. Your goal in the game? Why, to be the number one Pokopoko Monster in the world!


Monsters in Pokomon are obtained via training quests and through a lottery. However, the game focuses more on the raising aspect than battles. After getting a monster, you immediately begin taking care of it. As time passes, your monster’s HP slowly decreases, and when it reaches 0, it will die, so you have to increase its HP by periodically feeding it, cleaning its poo, and petting it.


In the meantime, you must also train your monsters to prepare them for the tournaments. You can train to increase stats, health, get items, and sometimes you can fight bosses. You can also send your monster out on a training expedition for a period of time, during which they’ll be unavailable. Sometimes, events will be available, such as going out on a Pokomon Adventure or playing Lottery Training.


In addition, you can also make your monster travel to friends’ houses. You can help your friend take care of the monster by feeding and petting them, and if you bond enough, the friend’s monster will help you out in battles. Friends are made by sending invitations.


You can also fuse monsters to create new ones.  The rarity of the new monster is based off the original’s experience and the number of monsters you use to create the new one.


Finally, Battles can be fought at the World Tournament, team battles, and against friends. Winning battles increases your ranks and earns you prizes.  The monsters will also earn experience and gain levels, and if they gain enough, they will evolve. Here are some of the monsters in the game:










Panda the First:






Red Pel-chan:




Pokopoko Monsters was developed by Touch Detective developer, Success Corp., and was released for the iPhone on January 8th.


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