INUPARA: Dog’s Paradise and NEKOPARA After Announced

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At Anime Expo 2022, Sekai Project announced that it would publish both INUPARA: Dog’s Paradise and NEKOPARA After: La Vraie Famille. There is no news yet as to which platforms they will come out on. However, NEKOPARA games are available on Windows PCs, the Nintendo Switch, and the PlayStation 4. Both INUPARA and NEKOPARA After: La Vraie Famille will could also appear on those platforms.

INUPARA: Dog’s Paradise is a spin-off of Nekopara featuring dog girls instead of cat girls. It originally appeared as an April Fool’s joke, with a fake trailer debuting on YouTube on March 31, 2022. NEKO WORKs then announced that it would be a real game that was in development.

The story of INUPARA will place you in the role of a young college student who works as a part-time pet groomer. One day, his two dogs Tanpopo and Himawari turn into dog girls. Other dogs from his life, such as the corgi at his parents’ house, appear as humanoids as well. The game then revolves around the hijinx that naturally ensue.

As for NEKOPARA After: La Vraie Famille, it will be a spin-off that focuses on Fraise and Shigure. It canonically takes place after volume 4. Fraise lives with Kashou after Beignet entrusts her to him, and though she is fond of him, she is not quite sure what to think about the catgirls with him. She then asks Shigure, who also likes Kashou, for help. The conflict revolves around Fraise wanting Shigure to be happy with Kashou, but Shigure wants Fraise to be with him.

INUPARA: Dog’s Paradise and NEKOPARA After: La Vraie Famille are in development.

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