InvertMouse’s The Last Birdling Is About Preserving Friendships In A World Of Hatred



Birdlings despise humans and kill them on sight, but when a birdling child befriends a human instead, it will be up to the player to preserve that friendship in a hate-filled world in The Last Birdling.




Bimonia found Tayo in the forest, but rather than kill her, they somehow become friends, something they’ll have to hide from Bimonia’s mother. That will just be the beginning of their problems, as The Last Birdling follows their friendship from childhood to adolescence, and all the troubles their relationship between races causes for them and their people.


Players will have to make twenty-one decisions over the course of the game, and those will lead to five different endings that encompass the full scope of consequences of their friendship. These decisions will come from both of the characters as the game alternates perspectives, showing the story from Bimonia and Tayo’s sides.


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This project, developed by InvertMouse (Unhack, Cursed Sight, Without Within), marks the developer’s fifth anniversary in development. The Last Birdling is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight, with a demo available from the game’s site.

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