Invisible Inc. Needs To Be Hacked For One Of Its Achievements


Klei Entertainment’s latest game Invisible Inc. has you controlling a team of agents while infiltrating corporations to steal valuable data from them. It’s a game that involves stealth and hacking. Fitting, then, that one of the game’s achievements involves hacking the game itself (thanks Niche Gamer).


Called “Meta-Hacking,” this secret achievement had many of the game’s players baffled for at least a week following the game’s launch on May 12th. It seemed at first that Klei had made a mistake by leaving the achievement inactive after releasing Invisible Inc—it was non-achievable inside the game itself. As one player called “Brotigan” on Steam notes in the game’s Steam Community discussion boards after having looked into the game files, “it’s commented out and won’t work.”


The bit of the code that led to this conclusion read:

if not config.DEV and KLEIAchievements then
–KLEIAchievements:achieve( “META_HACKING” )


Despite its inactive status, Brotigan did manage to get the Meta-Hacking achievement by playing around with the code, but they were uncertain as to whether that was cheating or that’s how you’re supposed to get the achievement. Then, on May 16th, after Klei rolled out an update, a message appeared in the part of the game’s code that related to the Meta-Hacking achievement.


It read:

if not config.DEV and KLEIAchievements then
— Yes, this achievement exists… No, I’m not giving it away for free. :)
–KLEIAchievements:achieve( “META_HACKING” )


This little message from Klei confirmed that, yes, you have to hack into the game’s code in order to get the Meta-Hacking achievement. Makes sense.


You can get the achievement yourself using Brotigan’s small guide quoted below. However, be warned, that by messing with the game’s code you can corrupt the game entirely if you aren’t careful. So unless you know exactly what you’re doing it’s probably best not to do it.


“Backup and hashes.dat files. Unpack, open \client\states\state-main-menu.lua, delete “–” at the beginning of “–KLEIAchievements:achieve( “META_HACKING” )” line, save your changes and repack files back into Now open hashes.dat in any text editor, delete it’s content and save (it must be 0 bytes). That’s it, launch the game and achievement should unlock.”

Chris Priestman

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