Bandai Namco shared a second trailer for The Irregular at Magic High School: Out of Order. It’s a fighting game with 3D fields to battle on. Characters like Tatsuya Shiba and Miyuki Shiba can be fine tuned using the CAD system.


When you start Story Mode, Tatsuya will have access to the Knuckle CAD type and Miyuki will be able to use the Baton CAD type. The Knuckle CAD is well suited for close range fighters. Baton CAD type has high attack power, but won’t let players install as many skills. Tablet CAD type is the opposite, it gives a character access to many spells. Gun CAD type is a balanced option. After you customize your fighter you can face off against friends using ad hoc play.


The Irregular at Magic High School: Out of Order comes out for PlayStation Vita on October 30.

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