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Is That The Former Imageepoch CEO In Destroyer Trillion’s Latest Trailer?



WithCompile Heart’s upcoming RPG Destroyer Trillion releasing next month, the game has a new trailer showing off some gameplay footage, along with a new mysterious man in a suit that looks a little familiar.


In Destroyer Trillion, you’ll fight against the mighty Trillion, a demon that is said to actually have one trillion HP. Helping you will be a cast of Demon Lord girls, but the catch is, it seems like most of them will die, and you’ll get to choose one of them to revive and stay with you until the very end.


The trailer shows a few clips of gameplay footage, but what caught our attention was the masked man in a suit that was shown in the video.


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Compile Heart are known for being jokesters, so this could simply be one of their pranks, but the man in the suit looks very similar to former Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage, as he’s shown striking a similar thumbs-up pose and sporting a suit that looks a lot like Mikage’s.


You might be wondering what Imageepoch could have anything to do with Destroyer Trillion, but when we first reported that Mikage has gone missing, there was a tweet from Compile Heart president Yoshiteru Sato asking about the whereabouts of Mikage.


“If there is anyone that is able to contact president Mikage, please let him know that Sato is attempting to get a hold of him, regarding advertising matters for Destroyer Trillion,” he asked at the time.


While there haven’t been any confirmed reports so far, the video could be a teaser from Idea Factory indicating that Mikage is now working for their company. “RPG” written on the man’s mask would also be fitting, as Imageepoch were previously enthusiastic about, and mainly focused on RPGs.




Twitter user  @dolly_silent pointed out how the two screens of the masked man shown in the trailer had a hidden message in it. If you simply take the reading of the symbols on the far left, it says “Mikage-san renraku seyo,” which translates to “contact us, Mr. Mikage.”


Destroyer Trillion will release in Japan on July 23, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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