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Is Tokyo Xanadu’s Mysterious Knight In White A Friend Or Foe?



We’ve learned a lot about many Tokyo Xanadu characters thus far, but the latest one that simply goes by “The One in White” is shrouded in mystery. 4Gamer shares a first look at this mysterious new character, along with some screenshots of the game’s opening video.



Not much is known about The One in White,  but he’s said to be part of an army called the “Chronos Orden” of the Church of Holy Spirit. He’s been actively going around Morimiya city with the purpose of “sealing the Other World.”



He’s not there to lend Kou, the “qualified ones,” a hand in exploring the Other World, and he seems to have a few hostile words to share with the heroes, but his real intention still remains a mystery.


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Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015 PlayStation Vita.

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