Ise-Shima Mystery Guide Gaiden Pixel Drama Crowdfunding Succeeds With 4 Hours to Spare


Crowdfunding on Campfire for a suspense drama DVD spinoff of the Famicom Tantei Club-esque Ise-shima Mystery Guide: The False Black Pearl succeeded, crossing the 6,000,000JPY goal line with just around four hours to spare.

As we previously reported, this particular project is being made as something of a spin-off. While it is a retelling of the first game, that doesn’t mean that everything is the same. Some story sections are represented in retro game form, while the DVDs have a special gimmick where you don’t know which ending you’ll get. The culprit might get away, die, or be caught, and there is no guessing which DVD you’ll receive.

It’s an ambitious project for quite a small company, which is why they turned to crowdfunding to see the project reach fruition. The project has an estimated August 2020 release date.

Ise-Shima Mystery Guide Gaiden: The False Black Pearl will be released via limited-production DVDs to backers of the project.

Alistair Wong
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