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Dragalia Lost has been around just over a month now, and the action-RPG is starting to find its footing. Its third event, Kindness and Captivity, will kick off on October 31, 2018 and send people off on Raids to attack Hypnos, a wind element boss, earn a five-star wind element dragon, and fight alongside a new companion adventurer named Melsa. It’s the perfect time to review how quickly Dragalia Lost helps people see how effective characters can be and prepare them so they are useful members of a party. It can be easy to get a group of people prepared for any sort of fight.


In general, you want to try and have one team filled with characters who all have the same element, but use different weapons. This allows you to accrue more in-battle bonuses and capitalize on type-effectiveness. Light is strong against dark, and vice versa. Fire is strong against wind, wind is strong against water, and water is strong against fire. You can probably get through the first few Campaign chapters without putting together a team of characters who all belong to one element, but by the fourth chapter, you will start noticing that having a team made up of people who all share the same element is a good idea. This means needing to revisit areas to grind up teams of characters. In the case of the Kindness and Captivity event, we want to build up fire element adventurers, so you will want to redo quests in Chapters 1 and 6. (I recommend the Hard Mode version of Chapter 1, if you have unlocked it.) Chapter 1 is wind-themed with a wind-based boss, while Chapter 6 is wind and light themed and has enemies from those elements. Since Raids have you bringing in a whole team of four, you want to have a full group of people from the right element ready.


dragalia lost team 2 Levels are not the only thing that matters in Draglia Lost. When you are starting to build your teams, it is a good idea to stock up on the materials you might need to unlock Mana Circle levels and build up characters. Avenue to Power is filled with the missions that allow you to earn bronze, silver, and gold Exp. Crystals, which can be applied to an adventurer to boost their levels quickly. The Elemental Ruins let you complete missions for Orbs to upgrade characters and facilities in your kingdom. The Dragon Trials open up as you defeat dragons in the campaign and allow you to get things like Dragon Scales for Mana Circles. Each of these groups will give you two bonus unlocks for the first two quests you complete in each category every day. If there is no major event on and you have completed at least the fifth chapter of the campaign, you should make these your focus. Especially since one recurring daily Endeavor quest is playing Avenue to Power once each day.


Ideally, you want to increase a character’s Might, their overall power level, as much as possible when using items from those sorts of Event quests in their Mana Circle. You can also get a few Wyrmstones, the in-game currency, and learn more about people by unlocking new chapters in their Adventurer Story. Abilities and Skills can be acquired and improved too. I will use Ezelith as an example. My focus with her was unlocking story chapters, Abilities, and Skills. So in the first level of her Mana Circle, I made sure to use Mana to get the 11 might story chapter, Flurry Debilitator +15% ability that increased her debuff chance when combos are over 15, and Sleep Res +50% that helps her avoid that status effect. The second I reached the second tier, I focused on getting Brilliant Inferno, her second ability, These sorts of extra active and passive elements are great, since they can sometimes boost Might by 80 to 100 points. Since we don’t know what sorts of status effects could be in play in Kindness and Captivity, it is a good idea to try and build resistances when you can. Curse was very devastating during the Trick or Treasure event quests, since a cursed character can not transform into a dragon, use their own abilities, or call upon a helper character’s ability.


dragalia lost team 4 There are also two other ways to give yourself an edge in these sorts of Dragalia Lost Raid events. One is to build up your castle. You earn various altars that boost the stats of characters who belong to specific elements. Making sure your Flame Altar is in place and leveled is important for the Kindness and Captivity event, since it boosts the HP and Strength of all fire element adventurers. If your kingdom is at a high enough level, you should also build up your castle so you can raise caps and do more to improve facilities. For instance, improving your facilities’ level 100 times lets you raise your castle to level 4, which increases the amount of available land you have and lets you raise the Smithy to level 4, which allows you to craft four-star weapons.


Having a high level Smithy is important, since it lets you make better weapons and also enhance fully unbound versions of weapons to create ones with elements tied to them. You need at least a three-star weapon to start this customization process. Again, I will use Ezelith as an example since she is a strong character and fire hero useful for this event. I started by crafting lots of Bejeweled Daggers, so I could first create a fully unbound and leveled Gear Knife. Then, after fully unbinding and leveling the Gear Knife, I went ahead and created the first Cruel Kukri for her. This meant she had a fire element weapon, which played to her strengths. Then, once it was fully maxed out, it gave her access to a Cruel Assault fire-based ability she could use during a fight. Pairing people with appropriate levels that are fully optimized is important. Though, given how close we are to the event beginning, you would probably be fine just reaching even the second tier of a weapon, because maxing out a second tier weapon will even give you another ability for a character to use.


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The most important thing with a Dragalia Lost event is to have fun and try your best to assist the other people in your Raid group. By preparing a team of fire fighters ahead of time, taking them through the campaign chapters where they will excel, building up their Mana Circles, making sure their appropriate altars are in place, and maybe getting a good weapon prepared for them, you can get yourself set for this, or really any event.


Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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