It’s Official. NiGHTs Wii is a reality.




Famitsu announced today that the ever fabled rumor of NiGHTs 2 on the Wii is now…well…a reality. The newest title, now called NiGHTs: Journey of Dreams, will be released this winter for the Wii and will be handled by Sonic Team without Yuji Naka. Instead, Takashi Izuka will helm the new project and promise loving fans of the original NiGHTs a new experience that will help them further remember the glory that was the original NiGHTs Into Dreams.


Those of you who were early adopters of the Nintendo Wii now have one killer app to justify your purchase. Now all you really need to do is play the waiting game. Thank you, Sonic Team, for making this rumor a truth. Thank you, Izuka-san for believing in the game and the love many gamers who played the original have for the game.

Now I need to go find a Wii.