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J-Horror Game Night Cry Now Has A Kickstarter For Its PC Version



Nude Maker and Playism have launched the Kickstarter campaign for survival horror game and Clock Tower successor Night Cry.


The team is seeking $300,000 in order to fund a PC version of the game which, as is revealed in the video above, has been much requested by fans. The PC version of Night Cry will be coming to PlayStation Vita and iOS regardless of whether the funding is successful or not.


The PC version of Night Cry will have improved visuals and a point-and-click interface and control method. You can see a comparison between the mobile and PC versions’ graphics here.


A copy of Night Cry on PC is available for $25 through the Kickstarter unless you’re quick enough to get the early bird offer at $18. To throw a copy of the soundtrack by Nobuka Toda (Metal Gear Solid, FFXIV: A Realm Reborn) and Michiru Yamane (Castlevania, Suikoden III) you’ll want to pledge $40.


There are stretch goals in place should the Kickstarter succeed its goal, with more ways to die being added to the game at $400,000 in funding, and an extra playable character at $475,000, and many more to be revealed should the funding reach that high.


Night Cry has you playing as a passenger on a luxury ocean liner stranded in the middle of the sea while a deadly ghost-like horror known as Scissor Walker steadily murders those on board. You have to run and hide rather than try to battle the creature.


You can find out more about Night Cry on its Kickstarter page, as well as in our interview with its lead creator Hifumi Kono and The Grudge director Takashi Shimizu.

Chris Priestman