Jade Empire: Special Edition Comes To Apple iOS Devices


jade empire


Aspyr Media has released BioWare’s Jade Empire on iTunes for Apple iOS devices. For $9.99, people can follow the adventures of the last Spirit Monk, their avatar, as they work to protect the Jade Empire. When you begin the game, you choose one of seven playable characters as your avatar. As you go through the RPG, you’re able to use different martial art and magic styles, as well as make decisions that follow the Way of the Open Palm and Way of the Closed Fist philosophies.


The Apple iOS version of Jade Empire is based on the special edition of the game. This means that Monk Zheng is among the playable character options, a Jade Master new game plus mode is available, Ghost Lord and Rhino Demon enemies will appear, ultimate gems can be collected, Iron Palm and Viper martial arts styles are available, and you can find Demon Staff and Demon Sword weapons. It also offers a new user interface, touch controls, MFi controller support, and Game Center achievements.



Jade Empire debuted on the Xbox in 2005. It was ported to Windows PCs in 2007 and Macs in 2008.

Jenni Lada
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