Jajanken! Puzzle & Dragons Collaborates With Hunter x Hunter In Japan



Now that the Hunter x Hunter anime has ended and the manga is in one of its hiatuses, fans of the series haven’t had much too much to look forward to lately, but GungHo have announced that Puzzle & Dragons is looking to provide some respite with its latest collaboration.



The collaboration is actually in part with the smartphone game Hunter x Hunter: Battle Allstars, which brings characters from the series’ Chimera Ant Arc, such as, Pitou, Pouf, Youpi, and the almighty King (Meruem) as powerful villains.


Players will also get a chance to get Gon, Killua, and other key characters from the series. Here’s a look at some of the guests that will be in Puzzle & Dragons:



Gon Freecss and Killua Zoldyck.


Kurapika and Leorio Paradinight.


Chrollo Lucilfer and Hisoka.


Biscuit Krueger, Isaac Netero, and Genthru.


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Additionally, some of the characters can be evolved into much powerful forms, with Gon in his older “Oath and Limitation” form, Killua’s “God Speed” form, and “Medical Student Leorio,” using the move he used to punch Ging in the kisser during the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc.


The Hunter x Hunter and Puzzle & Dragons collaboration will begin in Japan on July 20th and will go on until August 2nd.

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