Japanese Baseball Player’s Pre-Swing Routine Is Even Better With Monster Hunter Weapons


Last week, a high school Japanese baseball player got a lot of the attention on the internet due to a video of him doing his pre-swing ritual. It’s pretty wild – watch it here.


As you can see in that video, the baseball player’s pre-swing ritual is pretty wild, looking like something a trained swordsman would daringly perform to show off his skills. He swings the baseball bat around his body and tosses it into the air and catches it.


Someone certainly thought that the comparison to a swordsman’s stunt was on point as they decided to edit the original video to replace the baseball bat with gigantic swords from Monster Hunter (watch the video embedded above).


Once you’ve watched the first edit at the start of the video, embrace yourself, as the second edit… it gets a lot more ridiculous.

Chris Priestman