Japanese Buddhism Is The Theme Of Top-Down Shmup Mani Yugi Tokoyo


Top-down shmup Mani Yugi Tokoyo uses Japanese Buddhism as its theme, taking players on a journey around the Rokudo (six realms of existence) where they’ll be saving lost souls and shooting down monstrous foes.


Mani Yugi Tokoyo will have players following a priest across six realms, from Endo (heaven), Ningendo (human world), Chikshodo (animal world), Jigokudo (hell), Gakido (hungry world), to the Syurado (fighting world), with players able to choose which they wish to tackle first. In each of these stages, players will blast many varied enemies, and all while also being on the lookout for lost souls they can save with a special power they possess.

When not in combat, players can look into the lost souls they have rescued throughout the game, seeing them gathered around the game’s central temple.


Mani Yugi Tokoyo is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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