Japanese Crab Battler NEO Aquarium Is Now On Steam Greenlight



Playism and Japanese game studio Nussoft has put Neo Aquarium – The King of Crustaceans on Steam Greenlight. It’s the game that precedes Neo Aquarium 2: Ace of Seafood, which Siliconera has covered before.


Rather than the battleships and the rocket-speed salmon of its upcoming sequel, the first Neo Aquarium game is a more tactical, slower-paced competitive crab-fighting game. You get to play as lobsters, crabs, and barnacles and use advanced arthropod techniques such as molting, self-amputation, and charged laser shots.


As the title signposts, the battles take place in neo aquariums, which are large aquariums that are linked by dimensional portals and that are built to promote the rapid evolution of the creatures inside. This is why the crustaceans are able to shoot each other with colorful lasers.


Neo Aquarium – The King of Crustaceans was released back in 2012 and is available to purchase on Playism, where you’ll also find a demo. Obviously, throwing it a vote on Greenlight pushes it towards a release on Steam.

Chris Priestman