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Japanese Mecha Shooter Astebreed Heading To PS4 On June 25th With New Features



Playism has announced that it’ll be publishing Japanese studio Edelweiss’s mech shooter Astebreed for PlayStation 4 on June 25th. You’ll be able to buy it as a digital download for $19.99.


The PS4 version of Astebreed will have new features that its PC version doesn’t have. These include having the game run at 60 frames per second at 1080p, as well as the use of emissive lighting and improved texture compression, and improved 3D models and textures all around.



It’s not only visual upgrades either, the PS4 version will have new upgrades available to your mech, including “the ability to control the direction of your focused targeting system using the right stick, and the ability to instantly dash,” according to Playism. You’ll also be able to adjust enemy patterns and placement. Lastly, there’s a new “Arrange Mode” to go alongside the game’s “Original Mode.”


Astebreed has you playing as young war machine pilot Roy Becket as he enters a galactic war with an ancient mechanical alien race that threatens to destroy humanity. Roy’s mecha has two methods of attack. The first is a thought-controlled Lucis device that lets him shoot targets from a distance and paint them for precision homing attacks. The second weapon is a little less advanced, being a large blade that lets him get up close and slice up his enemies.



As you play through the levels, you’ll notice that the camera doesn’t just hold its position at the side of the action, it swoops dynamically to different positions so that you could go from playing a sidescrolling shooter to a vertical shooter in a matter of seconds.

Chris Priestman