Japanese Pop-Up Book Puzzler Tengami Is Now On PC


Nyamyam has released its Japanese pop-up book point-and-click puzzler Tengami for Windows and Mac.


Each of its papery scenes have you pulling, unfolding, and sliding components to reveal and slowly figure out the puzzles inside. According to the creators, each scene could be recreated in real life with paper, scissors, and glue (and a bit of determination and skill).


Your goal in the game is to find out the secret behind a dying cherry tree. That involves travelling across dark forests, abandoned shrines, and mountain waterfalls. You’ll have to summon a chorus of wolves, discover ancient shrines, and light signalling fires along a dark river.


Tengami was previously released on iOS and Wii U. You can purchase it on Desura, Playism, and Steam for $9.99.

Chris Priestman