Japanese Schoolchild Creates Pachinko Version Of Namco Arcade Game



It’s not just Konami that’s turning classic game franchises into pachinko machines. A 9-year-old Japanese schoolchild made a physical pachinko version of Namco’s 1982 arcade shooter Xevious for art class (thanks RocketNews).


In the original game you had to take out both land and air targets as you flew across the environment. And so, in this kid’s recreation, there are two types of ammo (lighter for air targets, heavier for land targets) that you blow through a straw at the bottom.


To destroy a target you have to blow a piece of ammo through the folded paper slots on the vertically standing backboard. However, if your ammo falls onto the central chute and it rolls into your ship’s slot then you take damage.


The image taken of the kid’s project was taken by his father who shared it on Twitter saying “My third grader came back carrying a shooting game in the style of Xevious he made during arts and crafts. So, I respectfully report this to the world of Namco fans. There are also two types of bullets.”

Chris Priestman