Japanese Shmup The Hurricane Of Varstray Has A Weapon That Destroys 1000 Ships At Once



Studio Siesta, the developer of Trouble Witches Neo, has another shmup in development called The Hurricane of Varstray that’s due to come out this summer on PC (thanks Matt N!).


It features a cast of women spaceship pilots, 24 stages, and three game modes (Story, Arcade, and Challenge). Most distinctly, however, it is full of lasers and bright shades of every color – the idea being for you to fill the screen with bullets in order to survive.


In fact, The Hurricane of Varstray gives you so much power that one of the weapons, called a Grasbuster, is capable of destroying 1000 ships in one go. But you won’t come across the devastating special weapons without any effort – you’ll have to earn them. These special weapons can be found hidden around the stages so you’ll have to keep an eye out for them.


Currently, you can vote for The Hurricane of Varstray on Steam Greenlight. It’s official website has more information (in Japanese only).


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Chris Priestman