Japanese Strategy Game Seiken Manifestia Now Available on Steam

Seiken Manifestia on Steam

Steam offers a lot of Japanese games in recent times. One of them is Seiken Manifestia, which just appeared on the platform on May 18, 2021. Originally appearing as a free-to-play browser game, it is now available as a single-purchase game on Steam thanks to a successful crowdfunding project. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Seiken Manifestia is a tower defense, real-time strategy game developed by tekunodo. It originally appeared as a free-to-play browser game on Japan’s DMM platform in February 2016. However, DMM shut down the free-to-play game in July 2020.

Shortly after the shutdown, tekunodo launched a crowdfunding project on Campfire to bring Seiken Manifestia to Steam. It lasted for two months until September 2020 and successfully raised 26.9 million yen (~$247,000), more than twice the initial goal of 10 million yen.

One of the key points promoted on the crowdfunding page was that the Steam version would be playable worldwide. The game is indeed available in all regions, including the U.S. where it is available at $39.99. However, the game currently only has a Japanese language interface.

A demo version of the game is also available to download on the Steam page. Players can carry progress from the demo’s save data to the full game. As this title has become a single-purchase game, players can start battles anytime without having to worry about stamina limits anymore.

On the crowdfunding page, tekunodo teased the possibility of adding post-release content, such as more characters and stages. However, it has no plans to implement them at launch as that will depend on the game’s sales performance.

The Japanese tower defense strategy game Seiken Manifestia is now available on PCs via Steam.

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