JAST USA Puts Visual Novel RPG Aselia The Eternal On Steam Greenlight


JAST USA has put the visual novel and strategy-RPG Aselia the Eternal up on Steam Greenlight.


Aselia the Eternal was originally released in Japan in 2003. It was then ported to PlayStation 2 in 2005 (and most recently to the PSP in 2012) with tweaks to the battle system, an expansion pack, and the adult content removed – this was the version that JAST USA brought to the west on PC back in 2011 (it’s still available on JBOX).


As to the game itself, it has you leading an army of cute girls into battle across dozens of missions, hundreds of skills, three difficulty levels, and eight endings.

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Here’s the story summary:


“Yuuto and his sister are summoned to another dimension: the land of Phantasmagoria. Kaori is held captive, and without the ability to understand or communicate in this new world, Yuuto is compelled to become an Etranger – a warrior of power – and takes up the sword, becoming a force in the conflict raging in this alien world.

To protect Kaori, the unwilling Yuuto throws himself into the fray. But as he fights alongside the fighters known as Spirits, living among the people of Phantasmagoria, he slowly comes to discover other reasons for his ongoing struggle…”

Chris Priestman