John Romero Is Selling His Videogame Collection on eBay


John Romero, creator of DOOM and Quake, has announced that he’ll be holding several One Day Auctions on some rare, and altogether unexpected, gaming paraphernalia from his personal collection. Among the listed items is a pristine Turbografix-16 Console, but more peculiar is what is among Romero’s game collection.


Romero has listed a collection of thirty Super Nintendo games, featuring titles like Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, Final Fantasy II, Super Mario All-Stars, and Illusion of Gaia. Each of the titles can fetch a decent price on their own, given their age. That goes for his only Atari game listing as well: Custer’s Revenge, a hard-to-come-by title that suffers from a fair degree of criticism for its insensitivity.


The famous game designer hasn’t commented on why he’s parting with his collection, or why he’s only giving many of these collector’s items just one day to sell on eBay.